The Shawnee Mission Labrador Retriever Club, Ltd. is committed to the creation and maintenance of a specialty dog club that supports excellence in the breeding, exhibiting, and preserving of the Labrador Retriever as it was originally developed.To accomplish this, we believe we have four principal responsibilities:

We believe our first responsibility is to the breed.

  • We must ensure the operation of a well organized club in our area. We must encourage and promote the selective breeding of Labrador Retrievers. We must urge the public to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the AKC as the only standard of excellence by which the Labrador Retriever shall be bred and judged. We must encourage and promote hereditary soundness in all Labrador Retrievers used for breeding in any way. We must do all in our power to protect and advance the interests of the breed by encouraging sportsmanlike competition while promoting dog shows, obedience trials, and hunting tests.

We believe our second responsibility is to our members.

  • We must establish reasonable membership fees. We must provide fair and equitable treatment of each and every member. We shall provide activities in a wide range of categories to serve the needs and desires of all members. We shall provide a club newsletter to be mailed to each member's residence on a regular basis. We must provide for equal opportunity for the development and advancement of the membership, as qualified.

We believe our third responsibility is to be a reliable club to our community.

  • We must provide the level and range of services needed. We must provide education and information on issues affecting the breed. We must bear our fair share of payments and assessment and participate in community functions and events.

Finally, we believe our fourth responsibility is to the club.

  • We must ensure the election and professional development of an adequate and competent board of directors and officers. We must use sound financial practices that ensure adequate resources to meet the present and projected needs of the club, and provide for the club's operations.